7 years and counting…

“That’s him. He’s the one I’ve been waiting for.”

This morning you woke me with a kiss, the same way you have for the past seven years. You said, “Happy Anniversary”, and I smiled and looked at you with sleepy eyes and asked if our life was what you imagined it would be. We both laughed.

The day I met you my heart recognized you. It whispered to me, “That’s him. He’s the one I’ve been waiting for”. We were just a couple of kids with big dreams and an unapologetic love. We grew up together…I mean, we are still growing up together.

When we promised to stand side by side together in life, we knew it wouldn’t always be easy or fun. We couldn’t have imagined the tears life would bring, or dreamed of the love and laughter we’d share.

My heart didn’t think I could love you more, yet everyday you find new ways to show me it can.  I get lost sometimes in being a Mommy. The hand you use to reach for is now being held by five chubby little fingers. The Kisses I freely gave to you often now are used to heal boo boos on our active toddler or cover the face of our smiling baby. I’ve traded sexy lingerie for oversized tshirts and your old sweats. Our bed is now full of puppies and babies. Our days are spent in different worlds. Mine is filled with diapers, dancing, and make believe, while yours is hard at work toward your dreams and our future.  Instead of spontaneous weekend getaways or romantic dinners, I’m thrilled just to snuggle up beside you on our couch and watch an uninterrupted episode of Master Chef.

When I stood in front of our family and friends seven years ago today and promised my love to you for a lifetime, I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I knew what love was. You’ve showed me that love is ever changing. Our hearts continuously growing. Love is more than flowers, date nights and romance. Love is choosing everyday to put someone else’s needs above our own. Love is seeing the best in someone even when they are at their worst. Love is waking up everyday next to your best friend. It is seeing the person you fell in love with in the faces of our children. It is crying so hard you can’t breath and trusting your partner to catch your tears. Love is laughing with every part of your body. It is silly songs and inside jokes. Love is feeling home when wrapped in your arms.

This morning I asked you if our life is what you imagined it would be. I laughed because it is beyond anything I could have dreamed. Happy Anniversary. I love you.