My Girl Tribe

I am in a house full of boys. All three handsome, kind, and funny. While I can appreciate a good fart joke from my three year old, wrestling with my 10 month old and laughing at the chaos with my husband; even in a house full of love, I still get lonely. I dive in each day committed to my family. Sacrificing my time for them. Sometimes I lose myself while helping them discover who they are. It is in these moments when I’m distracted, tired,  and overwhelmed that a simple unexpected text can change my day.

I am surrounded by incredible women. Strong, beautiful, driven, loving, selfless women. Women who chase their dreams and sometimes their children. They are my prayer warriors, cheerleaders, and therapist.


They are who I text when the weight of the world feels to heavy to carry alone. They are a listening ear, a much needed hug, and well deserved glass of wine. They make me laugh like a kid and have comforted me when I’ve cried. Selflessly, they have watched my children, brought me food, even sent cleaners to my house just to give me a break. Nia, I still to this day am so touched by your thoughtfulness and genuine, loving heart.

Before diapers, husbands, and careers, we were girls with similar dreams. Following our hearts we each sought and earned a crown. Literally. Pageantry brought us together. What a strange way to find lifelong friends. To strangers you are Miss USA, Miss California, Miss Wyoming, Miss Montana, Miss Arizona. You are the actress people love and adore, the blogger with adventure and style, the boss babe business woman, and the loving Mommy. To so many people you are so many different things, but to me you are a friend. You are a part of my tribe.

I am so thankful for the incredible women God has so thoughtfully woven into my life.

They encourage me, challenge me and love me.

My prayer for you is that you find your tribe. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you. When you forget who you are, let them remind you. Let them catch the pieces of your world when it feels like it’s falling apart. Find them and love them. Be the friend to them that you long for. Who is your tribe?

Let me know in the comments below!